Management Team

We pride ourselves on our dedication to meet every child’s individual needs. Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced and caring educators. Providing a warm nurturing, safe environment for all children to develop and grow into confident and independent young people.

Highly Qualified

Our team is complemented by the varying levels of experience and qualifications, Level 8 Honours Degree to QQI level 6 Childcare and education. All managers and supervisors hold full FAR Certificates, Manual Handling, and fire safety training. We continually encourage, support, and facilitate further training to ensure we provide the best all round care and education to all our children and the support our families.

Mandy Kelly


Mandy is our dedicated Arklow branch Manager who has been with us since 2006 with 27 years Managerial & Childcare experience, bringing a rich and diverse skill set. She has extensive experience in the sector and is passionate about childcare & education and is committed to deliver a high-quality childcare service. Mandy has BA (Hons) Degree in Early Childcare and Education and a mother of 2 young adults who also attended our service.

Anita Crummy

Assistant Manager

Anita is our Arklow branch Assistant Manager who has been with us since 2010. Anita started as a student while achieving her qualification QQI level 5 & 6 Childcare and Education. Through Anita’s dedication, hard work and commitment to delivering high quality childcare, she has moved up the chain of command to assistant manager in 2015. Anita prides herself on delivering a service that is based on each child’s interest. Anita oversees the deliverance of our curriculum, ensuring that the children have fun and enjoy the learning experience. Anita is also a proud mother of 2 young children who also enjoy their time here at KangaKare.

Chelsey Maher

Senior Supervisor

Chelsey joined the team in 2013 as an assistant Educator, and soon moved up the ladder. Chesley has taken every opportunity to increase professional practice and the understanding of Child Development. While working Chelsey has achieved a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Care and Education and has 10 years’ experience. Chelsey’s focus is the baby stage 0-1 years, with her warm nurturing approach and attention to detail, she reassures new parents to the baby room.

Sandra Devlin


Sandra joined the team late in 2014 as a relief educator, it was evident to us that her passion was working with children. She soon become a full-time employee and Lead Educator. Sandra has a QQI level 6 in Childcare with 14 years working alongside young children and is also a mother of two young adults. She brings a vast knowledge of parenting and understanding of the challenges working parents face. Sandra’s focus is to support our parents and reassure them when they are facing challenges with their children’s, sleep, food, development etc. Sandra’s aim is to support the children in their own development, to be inclusive to all children and families, and to be a positive role model.

Liz Hayes


Liz came to KangaKare in 2016 as an assistant Educator and earned the role as a lead Educator within a year of joining the team. Liz holds a QQI level 6 in childcare & QQI level 6 in Leadership for Inclusion in Early Years with 9 years working in the sector. She brings an array of experience in youth work, childcare and life experience as Liz is a mother of 2 young adults. Liz greatly values the relationships, friendships, and bonds she has made, not only with her co-workers but also with the families past and present. Liz strives to celebrate each child’s uniqueness and individuality whilst offering an abundance of learning opportunities. Liz’s professional goal is to instil independence and confidence in the children she cares for and continue to deliver our services alongside the rest of the team.

Vesna Panic

Lead Educator

Vesna was welcomed to the team late 2018 as a Lead Educator. Vesna is highly qualified in the field of education, she holds a Degree in Primary Education from her home country Macedonia and has 8 years’ experience in Early years and Education. Vesna is a mother of two children and approaches each child as her own, her professional goal is to impact each child with the affection, support and care that was instilled in herself as a young child.

Catherine Nolan


Catherine is our much-loved chef and has been with us since 2008, the children just love to see her coming with gorgeous dinners and snacks. All our meals and snacks are freshly prepared in house, and we do not add salt nor sugar to our meals or snacks. Catherine is a fully qualified Chef and holds a certificate in HACCP. She embraces the value of healthy eating, health, and hygiene in all she does. Catherine’s goal is to strive to continue to provide healthy balanced snacks and meals for the children. Where needed she will provide an alternative for those with special dietary requirements.

Joe Ann Martin


Joe Ann is a past parent of KangaKare and valued our ethos and practices we instilled in her children while in our care. Joe Ann was welcomed to the team in 2019 as an AIM Educator within the ECCE class. She holds an Honors Degree in Social Care studies and endless years of CPD training to keep her informed. Joe Ann has 20 years’ experience in social care working with vulnerable children and young adults, her life goal is to teach, support and care for children as they were her own. Joe Ann has extensive experience supporting children with additional needs and ensuring they get the support and assessments they need within these very imperative years.

Sinead Maher

Acting Lead Educator

We were delighted to have Sinead join the team in 2021 as an Educator. Sinead has a QQI level 6 in Early Childcare and Education, as well as an Honors Degree in Humanities and a Higher Diploma in Education. Her extensive experience and qualifications were evident from her first day, the children warmed to her immediately and took interest in her curriculum planning. Sinead recognises the importance, and celebrates each child’s uniqueness and individuality, she helps them build their confidence and self esteem in an environment that is play based and child led.

Ciara Vickers


Ciara joined the team 2022 and holds a QQI Level 6 in Early Childhood Care and Education. Ciara’s experience in the sector is extensive, from working in a large chain of Education and Care services, to small intimate settings and private Childcare & afterschool care. Ciara is an assistant Educator and transitions between each age group supporting each group were necessary. Ciara is also a young mother who understands the position our families have when starting in a new setting. Her Aim is to partake in any upcoming courses available to continue her learning & knowledge of the childcare sector, to be as positive as she can be and a loving, caring & fun practitioner.

Kareena O’Hart


Kareena joined the team in 2022 and holds a QQI level 5 in Childcare. A mother of 3 young adults and has more than 8 years’ experience in childcare and education. She has a lot of life experience to share with the team and our families. Kareena floats between all our rooms, getting to know each child’s personality and interests and she brings with her a vast array of knowledge and skills. Kareena’s aim is to continue to educate herself within the childcare sector by doing workshops and other courses that apply.

Orlagh Kelly

Lead Educator

We had the pleasure of introducing Orlagh to the team in 2022. While studying for her Honors Degree in Early Childhood care and Education Orlagh completed her work placement with us. Orlagh’ s dedication to the care of the children was outstanding, a gift that came naturally to her. We were thrilled when she accepted our offer to join the team. Oralgh’s aim is to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for the children to learn, grow and develop into confident and capable young learners, which appreciating each child’s uniqueness.

Pamela Reid


Pamela a member of the original Kangakare team 2000-2006 returned to the team in 2022. Pamela holds an Honors degree in Early Childhood Care and Education, she has twenty years experience in the early years sector and has completed a broad range of academic, CPD and personal interest courses, she is qualified in Hanen, Lámh, Leadership for Inclusion and Stress Management but to name a few. Pamela is devoted to providing strategies of support to the children to enable to reach their potential. Pamela takes a strength-based inclusive approaches and works to inspire in the children’s love for learning. In her day-to-day professional practice Pamela aims to support the children to identify and appreciate their own and other’s strengths, individuality, and uniqueness. Pamela’s larger, long terms career goals are to work towards increasing the well being of parents, children, and early years professionals.

Paula Bradley

Lead Educator

Paula joined the team in 2022 as a lead educator, she holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education along with a master’s degree in Early Intervention. Paula has a kind and warm approach and approaches each child as an individual. She has 5 years’ experience working in Childhood Education and Care and is a proud mother of one who comes to work with her. Paula’s goal as an educator is to provide meaningful play and learning experiences for the children. She aim’s to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment where every child strives to reach their full potential.


Paula Lugmair


Paula joined the team in January 2023 as an assistant educator. She holds a QQI Level 6 in  Early Childhood Care and Education. Paula’s focus is to meet each child’s individual needs and implement educational experiences based on their interest. Paula has a warm gentle approach with everyone she engages with and has built strong relationships with her colleagues and families of the service in such a short space of time with us.


Kelley Kelly


Kelley joined the team in 2020 and holds a QQI Level 5 in Childcare and 3 years’ experience working in the sector. Kelley transition’s throughout each age range supporting each group’s needs. Her warm caring approach enabled the children to build positive relationships with Kelley. Kelley’s goal is to promote positive outcomes for the children in her care, to know more knowledge about working with different age groups and to bring a more creative side to each group she cares for.

Emma Kiernan

Auxiliary Staff / Early Years Educator Student

Emma is a life member of KangaKare, attending the service at the age of 2 and a half to 13 years of age, she is part of the furniture here. Emma completed her TY work placement with us and is now part of our ever-growing team. Emma looks after the housekeeping, assisting with planning and preparation of activities. Emma enjoys spending time with the children and staff and admired the work that the educators instilled in the children. With this in mind Emma has commenced her studies in Early Years Education and Care QQI level 6. Emma aims to complete her course within the academic year and join the education team when she qualifies. Her goal is to help children become confident and secure in themselves.



Michelle Hatton


Michelle become a member of the  KangaKare team in 2022. Michelle holds a QQI level 5 Certificate in Childcare and Education and her fresh eyes to our service have been enlightening and a learning curve for her. Michelle is a pleasant, patient and caring, she enjoys the quiet 1:1 time she can get with the children. Since commencing the children have taken to Michelle and they love to involve her in their play.  Michelle’s aim is to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment  for the children to learn, grow and develop into confident and capable young learners.


Emma Hudson


Emma joined the team while completing her studies, Emma holds a QQI level 5 certificate in Childcare and has just weeks left of her BA (hons) Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. We are delighted the Emma will be join the team in a full time capacity  in May 2022. Emma has a gentle and caring approach when working with the children, she take due care to listen to the children and give clear explanations to all their questions. Emma’s goal is promote independence and self-esteem in within the children.


Zuzanna Dukek


Zuzanna joined the team in April 2023 as an assistant educator. She currently holds the equivalent  of a QQI Level 5 in  Early Childhood Care and Education. Zuzanna is entering her fourth and final year in DCU studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. Zuzanna first  came to us in 2022  as a student for work base practice. Zuzanna made such positive impact and knitted well into the team, we  were delighted to offer her a position with the team.