Classes & Groups

Table of Contents

Baby Room (3 Months – 1 Year) – Full time 5 days only

Ratio: 1:3

Your child will have access to a variety of toys throughout their day which will aid their development and stimulate their mind. Of course, we aim to make each child’s day as much fun as possible and regularly change the equipment round in the room to offer interest and diversity.

We use songs and rhymes to begin your child’s language stimulation, allowing them to hear a range of sounds and tones and encouraging them to try out new sounds themselves.

We will play games to extend each child’s sensorial experiences and to develop social skills with their peers. We have a range of “Lamaze” toys that are designed to stimulate the senses in their shape and use of colour and pattern.

During the day we have use of our own outside play area for the under two-year age group allowing them separate access to outside activities away from the bigger children to offer them further physical stimulation and lots of fresh air. (During very cold or wet weather young babies will not be taken outside)

Fledgling Room (1 Year – 2 Years) – 8am – 6pm & 8am – 2pm

Ratio: 1:5

In the Fledgling room we enjoy a fun packed day of games and activities to aid all aspects of your child’s development.

Our Fledgling room is set up to reflect a petit classroom which allows the children to get used to sitting on chairs at the table for activities and eating times. The class is organised to allow each child to explore the separate activity areas and to take part in group activities and story times.

We aim to offer the children the challenge of new activities daily, they will participate in creative craft work, jigsaw puzzles, construction activities, music & dance as well as having periods for relaxation.

During the day we have use of our own outside play area to offer them further physical stimulation and lots of fresh air. We will take the children out to play in all-weather except extreme cold/wet and therefore we ask that you do not send your child to school if they are not well enough to participate in outdoor play and that you ensure they have appropriate outdoor clothing available for hot or cold days.

Preschool Room (2 Years – 3 Years) – 8am – 6pm & 8am – 2pm

Ratio: 1:6

Our preschool room is an extension of the Fledgling routine, offering the older children a slightly more formal setting in which to explore their language and pre-maths skills and as well as learn their colours and numbers. The room is laid out with the all the areas of learning in mind to provide a stimulating environment and activity program. The children will participate in sand and water play, arts and craft work, construction work, floor work and group activities to stretch their ability and challenge their minds!

Preschool has its own training toilets and changing facilities to allow toilet training and backs on to the main playground area, which the children actively use throughout the day.

Montessori 1 & 2 (2.5 Years – School Going Age)

Ratio: 1:11 Sessional / 1:8 Part & Full Time

Our Montessori rooms are open all year around and incorporates the ECCE Free Preschool Year which runs from September – June each year. Before and after this time the children are offered a range of other learning experiences to accommodate their emotional, social, and imaginative needs.

Playschool 3 hr session (2.5 Years – School Going Age) 

Ratio: 1:11

Our sessional playschool runs from September – June each year incorporates the ECCE Free Preschool Year. Playschool offers learning through play sessions for the children to participate in sharing and play based education before they move on to school. Children can attend from 2 – 5 mornings per week offering great flexibility for every family.

The room offers lots of natural light and has its own changing area, children do need to be toilet trained prior to starting in Playschool.